Home With Friends: Homeless Family Facts

Based on the successful model followed by Bridge of Hope ministries throughout the US, Home with Friends brings together the resources and energy of three faith-based social service agencies on Boston’s South Shore to support an innovative program to end homelessness – one family at a time.

Home with FriendsTM offers the families we work with:

  • a proven approach for breaking the cycle of homelessness,
  • help with gaining the skills and confidence they need to become self-sufficient, and
  • an opportunity to increase their success in transitioning from emergency housing to a permanent home.

Each family in the program gets support in three key ways:

  • Rental assistance via a decreasing subsidy
  • A dedicated social worker
  • Personal guidance from a trained “mentor” team that helps with the rental subsidy and offers the family their time, talents, encouragement and ongoing friendship.

For more information, contact:

Rev. Lora Wooster
Home with FriendsTM Coordinator

Agencies in Collaboration

There are three agencies that collaborate with the Home With Friends program:

  • Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore
  • Sanger Center for Compassion
  • Starlight Ministries of Emmanuel Gospel Center

A Single Unifying Goal:

To be a change force in the lives of families who need hope, love and stability.

3 ways you can help a family in crisis find a permanent home:

  1. Recruit a team of 8-12 people from your church to develop a long-term (1-2 year) mentoring friendship with a family in transition. You and your team will receive training and support from Home with Friends as you help the family find independent housing and self-sufficiency.Involvement requires a financial commitment from your church to partially fund the cost of transition from emergency shelter into a more permanent home.
  2. Become a Friendly Visitor and regularly offer hope, support and friendship to families in motels as part of a team from a specific congregation.
  3. Contribute financially. One-time donations or ongoing giving through your church’s mission outreach are always welcome. They will be used toward the decreasing rental subsidies and coordination of volunteers to help a family in need.

Home With Friends’ Mission

To educate, encourage, and equip local churches to minister to families that are homeless by offering training, support
and mentoring opportunities.

Family Homelessness: A quick look at the statistics

How many families are in crisis?

  • Nationwide 2 million families experience homelessness each year.
  • Currently about 300 families in Massachusetts are staying in motels, and another 3,500 are in shelters. This means that over 7,600 children are staying in motels or shelters tonight.
  • About 20 of these families stay in a motel in Weymouth.
  • 71% of the families at the Super 8 in Weymouth have been there for more than a year.

Who Are They?

  • 84% of families that are homeless are headed by women.
  • 92% of these women have experienced domestic violence and/or sexual abuse at some point in their lives.
  • In 29% of families that are homeless, someone is employed.

How Homelessness Affects Children

  • 32% of homeless children repeat a grade in school.
  • Children who experience homelessness are sick 4 times more often than others and have 3 times the rate of emotional and behavioral problems.

What Does It Cost?

  • A family living in a motel for 2 years will cost the state about $60,000.
  • In contrast, it costs about $29,000 to serve a family for 2 years in the Home with Friends church mentoring ministry.

Did you know …?

  • Fair Market Rental for the South Shore area is $1,567/month for a two bedroom apartment.
  • A parent working full-time at minimum wage will only gross $1,733/month.
  • Financial planning experts suggest not spending more than 30% of your income on housing. A family needs to earn $62,700/year or $30.14/hour to meet that guideline.

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